Welcome to Rohtlätte Holiday Home!

Rohtlätte Holiday Home is located on the bank of the quick-flowing creek. In summer the place is covered with green and flowers and in winter there is a lot of snow. You will find here peaceful farm feeling, clear nature, hiking trails, playgrounds, understanding people and soft bed. Come and see it yourself.

Residential building: 4 spaces and 2 additional spaces
Summer house: 8 spaces and 2 additional spaces

Accommodation: 22.40 EUR per person

A child up to 12 years: half price


The price includes accommodation, breakfast and using sauna.

Price agreed for usage of room with a fireplace and kitchen corner.

Fireplace room of the summer house has room for 20 people.  

Extra services:

Camping: 4.50 EUR per tent (includes using the outhouse)
Using the shower: 1.60 EUR per person
2 caravan spaces: 12.80 EUR each (includes electricity, outhouse and shower).

Picnic house for summer period up to 30 persons: 16.00 EUR per hour (the price includes the place for campfire together with garden furniture, sheltered grill, cooking stove and smokebox, outhouse, playground, swings and sandpits)
Hiking guide agreed beforehand.

See the hiking trails

Rohtlätte Holiday Home
Nursi küla, 66204
Rõuge vald, Võrumaa, Estonia

Phone +3727879315
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