Welcome to Rohtlätte Holiday Home!

Rohtlätte Holiday Home is located on the bank of the quick-flowing creek. In summer the place is covered with green and flowers and in winter there is a lot of snow. You will find here peaceful farm feeling, clear nature, hiking trails, playgrounds, understanding people and soft bed. Come and see it yourself.

Rohtlätte Holiday Home
Nursi küla
66204, Rõuge vald, Võrumaa 

(Nursi Village, Rõuge Parish, Võru County)
Tel: +3727879315
GSM: +3756222828



Location: 12 km from Võru towards Valga; by the road there is a sign "ROHTLÄTTE TURISMITALU 500 m"


Rohtlätte Holiday Home
Nursi küla, 66204
Rõuge vald, Võrumaa, Estonia

Phone +3727879315
GSM +37256222828

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