Rõuge hiking trail

Ride to Rõuge (5 km from the holiday home, takes 10 minutes). Walking tour from Rõuge to Rohtlätte Holiday Home (13 km, takes 4-5 hours).
During the hike we make rest stops, visit the canyon of Hinni, Nightingale Valley, have a look at the five lakes of Rõuge, gully, and other exciting places and beauty spots. 
Luhasoo hiking trail

Ride to the bog and back (35 km, takes 40 minutes). Walking trip along the wooden promenade (4.5 km, takes 3-4 hrs),
During the walk you can see different types of bog and marsh, bog lakes and an island in the bog with a hiking cabin.

The caves of Piusa and the sand denudation of Piusa
Ride to Piusa and back (90 km, takes 1.5 hrs). Walking trip in the caves of Piusa and natural study-trail, Keldrimüüri and Kõlgusniidu walls and sandstone denudations (4 km, takes 0.5-1 hr)

The canyon of Hinni

Ride to the canyon and back (6 km, takes 10 minutes). Hike in the canyon (0.4 km, takes 0.5-1 hr).

The hiking trail of Silmalätte spring

Located in the farmstead of Rohtlätte by the River Aiju. Hike to the spring (0.5 km, takes 0.5-1 hr).

Hikes to Silmalätte spring, Hinni canyon and Luhasoo bog can also be organized at night time, the recommended size of the group would be 5-15 people.